Network Engineering

NetVantageTT Network Engineering ServicesThe merging of telecommunication systems with computer networks and the Internet has produced a massive boom in personal and business communications. Broadband services to homes enable video communication links with distant friends and relatives and provide high-speed Internet access for all. Our objective is to create an on-going business partnership with our customers, ensuring that the full competitive potential of their network investment is realised in the most cost-effective manner.

Scope of our network engineering services

Our network services range from simple SOHO (home) networks to small enterprise networks requiring LAN and WAN connectivity. Standard typical hardware will be preferred to alternative non-ubiquitous hardware. Wireless networks from SOHO to small enterprise level LANs or Hotspots. All major residential networking inclusive of streaming media and gaming console connectivity.

We are internationally certified by CompTIA

CompTIA Network+

Our Network Engineers are CompTIA Network+ Certified Professionals. The CompTIA Network+ certification is the sign of a competent networking professional. It is an international, vendor-neutral certification that proves a technician’s competency in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and configuring basic network infrastructure.

ADSL optimization and voice filtering

Wireless All-in-One PrinterWith the recent rise in xDSL (TSTT Blink) customers in Trinidad & Tobago, there are 2 major problems that face the home user:
1. Connectivity issues due to faulty, old, or poor quality telephone wiring; and
2. Problems due to line loading or inefficient use of inline micro filters.

These problems may manifest in many ways, for example, you may be getting kicked off the internet every time your telephone rings. Contact us today and let us help you get the internet service you pay for!

Our network engineering features

NetVantageTT Network Engineering FeaturesNetVantage Technology Services provides the full lifecycle of Infrastructure Support Services, from needs analysis through installation and operations. We view the application of proven, fully documented, service delivery methodologies as critically important to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our customers.

In servicing customer network requirements, our features include:

  • Site Planning and Network Installation.
  • Information Assurance.
  • Network Administration.
  • Network Security.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • LAN/WAN design, installation, integration, configuration management and testing.
  • Vendor independent CompTIA certified staff.
  • Firewall Installation for Intrusion Prevention.
  • The most competitive prices in Trinidad.

Network Installation Services

Network Design

We analyze your facility and business needs to develop a scalable and functional network. Type of network, layout, and size requirements are established in the Network Design phase.

Site Wiring

We supply the equipment and expertise needed to install a physical network. This includes cabling, network drops, and network testing.

Wireless Networking

Using wireless access points, users always have a connection to the network no matter where they are in the building. With this technology, you can expand your home or company network while avoiding extensive rewiring.

Hardware Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance of the installed network.

WAN Installation

Wide area networks are becoming more common for companies with sites in multiple geographic locations. We will use reliable VPN and EoIP Tunnelling protocols to develop a network that will keep your company connected.

Internet Connectivity

We offer high quality wiring and optimisation of your connection from the point of entry to the main distribution point on your network. This situation predominantly applies to xDSL customers with connectivity issues due to poor telephone line quality. We also implement global voice line filtering so you don’t need to load your voice (telephone) network with excessive inline micro-filters.

Network Security & Administration Services

Shared Internet Access

We configure a centralized Internet access point to allow multiple users to access an Internet connection simultaneously. Network Address Translation (NAT) enables a LAN to utilize a different set of IP addresses for external traffic, therefore hiding internal IP address from the outside world and adding a level of protection to your network.


Firewalls keep out unwanted visitors to internal networks. We determine the level of security needed and setup a secure firewall to protect company data.

Virus Protection

Anti-virus software is one of the most important pieces of software on a network. This software can intercept and destroy viruses before they become a danger to a system. We arrange the level of protection needed for your network and keep it updated.

Software Maintenance

We administer migrations, upgrades, updates, and fixes for system software.

Network Performance Analysis

Do you wonder why your Internet connection seems so slow at times or why certain shared applications just don’t seem to run as fast as they used to? Have you pumped cash into new hardware only to be disappointed with little or no improvement? Are you thinking of buying new hardware to address sluggish network issues?

Gaming Consoles and Streaming Media Servers

Networked Game ConsolesWe can connect your xbox 360, ps3, or other gaming console to your home network. We can configure your computer to stream video or audio to your ps3 or any other media server capable device. NetVantage Technology Services provides complete network system support from the ground up including design, implementation, and support. We also build and improve on existing systems.

Choose NetVantageTT with confidence

We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you can turn to us no matter how small the job might be, as long as it is within our scope of operations rest assured we aim for 100% customer satisfaction with every job. Whether individual or company, all customers are equally important.