Wireless Router Modification

Wireless Router ModificationWe offer custom router modification, configuration, and implementation services to fit your needs. Our services are based on removing the stock firmware of a store bought router and installing a rock solid Linux based firmware that would effectively allow you to have business and enterprise class features without having to pay the business class prices. Each network configuration is based on its specific requirements and therefore every situation requires an analysis before a price can be set.

Our Wireless Network Services Include:

  • Consultancy and procurement of wireless networking devices.
  • Wireless router modification.
  • Wireless router configuration.
  • Wireless network engineering and implementation.
  • Repairs and revival of dead wireless routers.

Faster and more stable torrent downloads

Faster and more stable torrent downloadsIn Trinidad and Tobago, many broadband subscribers use their Internet service to download from p2p and torrent systems. Very often you might find yourself being forced to power cycle your router either because it is stuck or slowed down to a crawl. The reason for this is that those routers were not factory designed to handle the magnitude of open connections used by torrents and p2p applications. We can solve these problems by one or more ways depending on your situation. After all, what is the point in sharing your broadband connection if all you get is page timeouts as soon as one user decides to use a p2p application? We at NetVantageTT are here to help you optimise your network to get the Internet connectivity you pay your ISP for.

Prioritize bandwidth for your important applications

Between torrents, online gaming, web browsing, and VoIP, sometimes there's not enough bandwidth to go around. Normally you would have to stop your downloads to enjoy lag free gaming or stutter free Skype calls but we can set up bandwidth management rules to ensure your important applications receive top priority. We configure Quality of Service (QoS) rules on your router to distribute bandwidth based on your priorities. QoS rules can be applied to an entire computer if you want that computer to have highest priority over other computers on your network, and it also works at the application level allowing you to give top priority to your games, Skype calls, or other applications.

Easy user interface and lots of bonus features

The main emphasis of our wireless networking services lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used. The graphical user interface for our chosen Linux firmware is logically structured, and it is operated via a standard Web browser, so even non-technicians can configure the system in only a few simple steps. Apart from the simple handling, our chosen Linux firmware offers unsurpassed speed, stability, and reliability. Compared to the software preinstalled on many WLAN routers, our chosen Linux alternative firmware allows a reliable operation with a clearly larger feature set that fulfils the demands of professional deployment.

Features of Modified Wireless Routers:

Features of Modified Wireless Routers
  • Bandwidth Monitoring.
  • Access Restrictions.
  • RADIUS Authentication.
  • Dynamic DNS.
  • DNS Cache.
  • OpenVPN Client and Server.
  • PPTP VPN Server and Client.
  • Advanced QoS Bandwidth Management.
  • QoS Layer 7 Packet Classifier (Layer 7 filter).
  • Telnet Server and Client.
  • UPnP.
  • Port Forwarding.
  • XLink Kai Engine.
  • WiFi Hotspot Portal.
  • WiFi Transmit Power Adjustment.
  • Wireless Repeater Mode.
  • Wireless MAC Address Cloning.
  • Wireless MAC Filter.
  • Wireless Distribution System.
  • Wireless Client Isolation Mode.
  • Afterburner (SpeedBooster, 125 High Speed, Turbo G, G+, HSM, SuperSpeed, 125Mbps).