Point of Sale Systems

NetVantage Technology Services Trinidad & Tobago offers professional and cost-effective point of sale solutions for your business. A professional and reliable point of sale system is the heart of any retail store or restaurant. A good POS system can go beyond the basics of processing sales or orders, it can streamline your business by automating tasks and providing a comprehensive set of value added features to increase your profits.

Investing in a POS system may seem like a hassle and an unnecessary expense but if you do the most basic cost benefit analysis you will most definitely see the many ways in which a point of sale system is beneficial.

POS (Point of Sale) Systems

Scope of Point of Sale Services

  • Consultancy for POS systems.
  • Consultancy for card payment devices.
  • POS hardware.
  • POS software.
  • Installation and setup services.
  • Administrator training.
  • End user training.
  • Support and maintenance.

There Are Two Main Categories of POS Systems

  1. POS for retail industry - for example, general retail stores, grocery stores, book shops, etc.
  2. POS for hospitality industry - for example, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Starting your own retail business or restaurant is no easy feat. The challenges of having to put up with so many lazy or unfriendly people at various government agencies just to fulfil the requirements to open your business often seem insurmountable. We can't help with the former, but we can outfit your business with a professional point of sale system that will pay for itself by improving the efficiency of your daily operations.

Card Payment Terminal

Most Popular Benefits and Value Added Features

  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Track sales by item or category.
  • Generate and export reports.
  • Analyse sales patterns and trends.
  • Handheld and mobile ordering.
  • Employee scheduling.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Stock management.
  • Integration with accounting software.
  • Integration with inventory management software.

So you're at the point where you know you need a POS system but there are so many different vendors and brands and features that you're not sure which is the best fit for your business. In addition, you are faced with the complicated task of figuring out which type of card payment device fits your business. That's where our services can help your business.

Knowledge is power, knowing what's going on with your sales will help you come up with better competitive ideas and detailed reports will help to evaluate their effectiveness. Our objective is to create an on-going business partnership with our customers, ensuring that the full competitive potential of their point of sale investment is realised in the most cost-effective manner.

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