Sage 50 Payroll Setup for Trinidad and Tobago

When your business hires individuals and pays them salary, bonuses, commissions, or provides employee benefits, you become an employer and assume specific responsibilities. In Trinidad and Tobago, individuals and businesses are required by law to pay various forms of taxes to the Government including PAYE, NIS, and Health Surcharge. Based on our research many companies find themselves using one software for Accounting and another software for Payroll which can be complex, tedious, and an overall inelegant solution. We can setup and program the Payroll feature of Sage 50 Accounting software (formerly Peachtree Accounting) to work in Trinidad and Tobago with all the benefits and deductions along with a professional and neat payslip template.

Sage 50 Accounting Payroll Setup

Sage 50 Payroll Setup Features

  • Employee Benefits.
  • PAYE.
  • Health Surcharge.
  • NIS.
  • Other Deductions.
  • Neat and Professional Payslip Template.
  • Payslip Template in Duplicate.
  • Support Services (including changes to deductions).

Make the Smart Choice

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous business consultants who intimidate and lie to their clients about the way Sage 50 Payroll works in Trinidad and Tobago. That's really all we can write about the matter to avoid any legal troubles. In short, if you want to use the Payroll feature of Sage 50 Accounting software and you want it configured and programmed the right way then look no further, we've got you covered.

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PayPal Accepted Here

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