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NetVantage Technology Services Trinidad & Tobago was formed by a team of qualified and successful veterans, with over ten years of experience in the computing industry. With the recent growth in high-speed Internet customers in Trinidad and Tobago, there is the need for affordable computer networks as well as website design and web hosting. We set out to deliver the best quality products and services at prices where everyone could afford to have their very own piece of the Internet. We also offer computer sales and repair services, network engineering services, general IT services, and Anti-Virus software packages.

NetVantage Technology Services remains committed to delivering the best value for money in web design and hosting by providing a safe, reliable, and efficient process to help you create your Internet presence. In today’s modern homes a computer is no longer a luxury item, on average there are probably at least three computers per home and everyone wants to be on the Internet. Our prices are always tailored with the customer in mind and as such our price structure is driven by value.

At NetVantage Technology Services, we are very confident that our products and services help businesses to get high-powered services at a fraction of the cost. We believe that you will be entirely satisfied with the speedy, dependable, and comprehensive services that we provide.

Trinidad Web Host is a brand of Web Hosting and related services brought to you by NetVantage Technology Services Trinidad and Tobago.

With NetVantage Technology Services you can depend on

  • Services for micro, small, and medium enterprises.
  • The most competitive prices in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • NO hidden fees!!!
  • Solid and honest business practices.
  • Knowledgeable and qualified staff.
  • The leading feature set available.
  • Professional and courteous customer service.
  • High quality brand-name equipment.
  • Compliance with industry standards.

NetVantage Technology Services is here to secure your interests. We are confident in our ability to provide you with the tools you need to help make your website a success. Our veteran team knows what it takes to be the best and we intend to make sure your networks are robust and reliable. On the Internet, reliability is the key to success. With our high quality redundant systems, you can be sure that your data will always be available for both you and your customers. So whether you want to set up your personal/commercial website; or network your office to share resources, sign up with us and let us help you achieve your Internet goals.

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PayPal Accepted Here

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