Why Choose NetVantage Trinidad & Tobago

We are highly qualified in our fields of work

How many times have you sought high quality computing services but instead found yourself at the mercy of unqualified and unprofessional individuals? Our experts are always highly qualified by the leading computing industry certification boards such as CompTIA. CompTIA is known worldwide as the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications. CompTIA certifications identify IT professionals who prove their aptitude in various fields, such as security, network administration, computer repair, and server administration.

CompTIA A+ Certified IT Technician LogoCompTIA Network+ Certified Professional Logo

We are internationally certified

CompTIA has a global reach, serving members from offices in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. That's right, we are internationally certified in our fields of work. At one time perhaps it was difficult to understand how a web site would help your business. Now that's changed - today more and more people are looking for products, services and business information on the web every hour of every day.

Quality service at affordable prices

At NetVantage Technology Services, we are very confident that our products and services help businesses and individuals to get high-powered services at a fraction of the cost. We believe that you will be entirely satisfied with the speedy, dependable, and complete services that we provide.

Effective search engine optimizations

Probably 85% of web sites are either rarely or never seen because they are often created by artists who lack marketing skills. How will anyone find your site amongst the billions of others on the Internet? Rest assured that if you choose us you will not have to worry about such problems because we are experts in setting up effective web sites. We implement various optimisation techniques and strategies into the websites we build so you can be confident that prospective customers will easily find your website. We keep up to date with the latest technologies from the major search engines to ensure that search engines love your site too.

We have a clue

We optimize all our web servers for maximum performance and security so you get unbeatable benefits no matter which hosting plan you choose. We use CloudLinux Commercial Edition and LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers for superior performance and reliability. Our web servers have built-in anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling, in addition, we enforce strict HTTP request validation and adaptive routing algorithms for improved security and DDoS mitigation. Unlike our competition, we actually have a clue. We always make use of the latest web server technologies. Host with us and move with the best instead of getting left behind with the rest!!!

Now that you know how beneficial a website could be to you or your company, we hope that you decide to choose us to handle the design and implementation of your website. Many people can get a website up and running, however it is wasted money unless people can find it!